Lon Pennock


So lebendig kann die vermeintlich doch so strenge Konkrete Kunst sein – und so ästhetisch ansprechend: Der Südniederländer Lon Pennock zeigt seine Arbeiten derzeit in der Ausstellung „retrospektiv“ in der Galerie Wack …

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His small sculptures and collages from the middle of the nineties in particular, are witness to the great virtuosity and freedom that Pennock has made his own. Pennock no longer needs to master the world with his monumental symbols. He paraphrases and comments on sculptural art by also casting his assemblages in bronze. He commands the language of the material and, with practically nothing, knows how to pass subtle comment on the nature of things.

Lon Pennock: the language of material and the nature of things. - Jetteke Bolten-Rempt - skulptuur 1968-2003